Interview With Guinness World Record Holder, Sancy Suraj

Sancy Suraj
Interview with , memory expert, Sancy Suraj

In recent years Singapore has produced several top memory athletes, one of them is the world record holder Sancy Suraj. He made himself a name for the first Singaporean to get a World Record in a memory category in 2011. We spoke to Sancy about his memory journey, training and goals.

How did you get into memory sports?

My first memory competition was in 2011 when I represented Singapore in the World Memory Championships in Guanzhou, china.

Why do you like memorizing?

I like pushing myself. When it comes to memorizing, it is me vs my brain’s ability to quickly store information.

How do you memorize?

I use a variety of memory techniques like the Roman Room Method, Journey Method and the Major System.

Can anyone do what you do?

Absolutely. I wasn’t born with this ability. I had to work on it.

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